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Buyers Consultation

Let’s get you THERE ➡️ And the first step to home ownership is one you can make right away!

Let’s schedule a buyer’s consultation. While it might have a “fancy name,” I promise the process isn’t intimidating at all. 

Here’s how it works – 

🔑 We’ll meet up someplace with a great atmosphere, like my favorite coffee shop or office

🔑 & we’ll chat! We’ll get to learn more about each other so you can feel comfortable with me as well. 

🔑 I’ll ask you questions about your home goals and current circumstances

🔑 From there, I can share insight into what the process and timeline would look like for you

🔑 I’ll answer any questions about the market and the steps to buying a home

🔑 You’ll get personalized advice, any lender recommendations,  and a plan to move forward

So, whether you want to want to buy a home soon or at the end of next year, let’s start with a casual conversation now. You’ll be better prepared to reach your home goals in the future and know exactly what you need to do 🙌

To set up a time on my calendar – simply message me or schedule a time here:!  

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