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Buyers Want Work from Home Features

👩‍💻👨‍💻 A dedicated ‘work-from-home’ spot topped the wish list for buyers in the last several years.

Yet, as more people returned to the office and times changed, is this still a desirable feature to have? Are buyers still looking for home offices and office spaces?

✅ The quick answer – YES!

A recent REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey found that 28% of respondents reported their buyers were looking for work-from-home features.

While this number is down from last year, a significant number of people are still looking for home offices! 👀

So, if you’re considering selling, showing off how your home lends itself to this need could be beneficial.

💡 Easy ideas are to convert a guest bedroom into an office OR stage a nook or corner in your home with a desk set-up.

If you’re not thinking about selling, you might also be like me, where having a designated space to “work” can help you be more productive and efficient.

Either way, home offices are still trending!

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