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How Much Equity?

Did you know that the average U.S. homeowner gained approx. $60K in equity in the past year? 

So, while home sales are not trending up towards the record-breaking prices they were in the recent past, it doesn’t mean that your home’s value hasn’t increased during this time! 

🏦 The equity in your home can be used to build wealth for the future and during times of economic lows, a financial buffer. 

In fact, equity for mortgage holders has increased by a total of $3.6 trillion since Q2 of 2021.

The question now is – how much equity do you have in your home? 🤔

Keep in mind, if you use an online estimator, you won’t get a precise estimation of your home’s value and potential equity. 

That’s because a computer algorithm can’t take into account all of your home’s unique aspects. And when choosing comparable properties, it struggles with choosing true-like homes in your area. 

You need an experienced professional to help! 

🏡 Whether you want to be a more informed homeowner or are thinking of selling sometime in the future, I’d be happy to create a home valuation for you and show you your potential equity. 🏡

All I need from you is your address and to answer a few questions about your home.🏡 Contact me to get started and I’ll have your report for you ASAP! 

*Data according to CoreLogic

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