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About Me

Have we met yet? Has it been a while since we last texted? ✨ Hello! I’m Kegan Inman ✨ & I thought it was about time for me to reintroduce myself! Professionally: Personally: Let’s Stay Connected! I’m looking forward to… Read More »About Me

Real Estate Investing

πŸ’Έ Investing in real estate can build a path toward the future you want πŸ’Έ So, if investing isn’t a part of your plans, here’s why it should be – 🟒 Investment properties can build long-term, generational wealth 🟒 Income… Read More »Real Estate Investing

Buying Programs

πŸ‘‰ Are you missing out on a homebuying program that could help you? Many buyers are surprised to learn that they qualify for a homebuying program. And I want you to be aware that there are options out there! These… Read More »Buying Programs